The store is alive!

As most of you know, we generally only sell wholesale. This pandemic has put us in a difficult place and I have had to make some hard decisions. This Friday I will be laying off my team because the work we do can't be done from home and we will have to shelter in place. For the time being Anzula will be a one woman show. It's been 10 years since I was doing it all and I am going to miss them like you wouldn't believe. Having our shop open will make our transition back into real like that much easier.

I took this photo Monday morning during a break in the rain. I was enjoying the fresh crisp air that only happens right after a rain. We don't get much rain in Fresno, so it was a special treat. The cowl I was wearing is Shifting Ribs and I made it using one skein of For Better Or Worsted. 

So for a limited time, to help us get through these strange times we have made our shop live to everyone. To all of our shops, please enter the password you have into the discount code at check out to get your regular pricing. 

I know we all love lux yarn, but we can't all always afford it. Especially now, I know a lot of us are feeling particularly financially insecure. Because of this, if you need yarn and you can't afford it, I will send you a skein of our yarn. I will do this while supplies last, and I can only ship to the continental United States. Together, we will all make it through this. And remember to wash your hands and to find joy in the little things.